3 nightmare free agents Chargers fans better hope don't join AFC West

Jason Reed
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Michael Thomas - Kansas City Chiefs

Michael Thomas was once viewed as one of the best receivers in the entire NFL. Thomas put together a historic season for the New Orleans Saints in 2019 that seemed to be just the beginning of what would be a dominant stretch for the wideout.

Injuries and off-the-field issues have derailed Thomas' career since and with the New Orleans Saints being backed up so far against the salary cap, his days in the Big Easy are almost certainly over. And unfortunately, it could result in the Kansas City Chiefs making yet another home run addition.

On the surface, this might not seem that scary to Chargers fans. After all, Thomas has been almost a non-factor over the last three seasons. In that span, he has played a total of 10 games with 56 receptions for 609 yards. That is a far cry from being elite.

But since he has not performed he is going to be available for a massive discount. And if there is any team that could use a player on a massive discount that still has elite potential it is the Kansas City Chiefs. And if there is a team that is going to unlock whatever Thomas has left, it is the Chiefs.

Kansas City isn't getting prime Michael Thomas if they bring him in. But could they get a Pro Bowl-version of Thomas? Absolutely. That is the last thing the Chargers need to see happen.