3 nightmare free agents Chargers fans better hope don't join AFC West

Jason Reed
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The LA Chargers had a headline-grabbing offseason in 2021 that saw the team bring in multiple stars to join an already star-studded roster. Having that kind of offseason two years in a row is not possible and this year, the Chargers are backed up against the cap.

That means that the team won't be able to make any major moves this offseason. This makes any improvements that the other teams in the AFC West even worse as the Bolts likely won't be able to counter them.

The AFC West was splashy a year ago and without the ability to go splash-for-splash, fans better hope that certain free agents don't become regular opponents of the Bolts.

3 nightmare free agents Chargers fans better hope don't join AFC West:

Lamar Jackson - Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders need a quarterback to replace Derek Carr and there are only two options that would actually be an upgrade from Carr: Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson. Rodgers is not a free agent, so for the sake of this article, Lamar gets the nod.

Jackson gets criticized for his style of play and whether or not it results in Super Bowl-caliber football but at the end of the day he is still among the elite tier of quarterbacks. This is a former MVP that is only 26 and is a massive headache to gameplan against.

Plus, if Lamar were to come to the Raiders it would by far his the best supporting cast he has ever had on offense. If the team can somehow bring back Josh Jacobs on top of a potential Lamar deal then Josh McDaniels' offense would have to be respected.

This is not an extremely likely addition for the Raiders but if it did happen they would suddenly be a much tougher team to beat next season.