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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Chargers creep back into top 10 after win over Eagles

LA Chargers v Philadelphia Eagles
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NFL power rankings, no. 20: Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons started the season off on a bad foot but have been gaining steam here in recent weeks. While their wins are not the most impressive, a win is a win and in the weird NFC there is absolutely a route to the Falcons returning to the playoffs.

Atlanta defeated Trevor Siemian and the New Orleans Saints in Week 9, even though they blew the lead and allowed the Saints to take the lead, forcing Atlanta to put together a game-winning drive. The Falcons are 4-2 in their last six, even if those six are ugly.

NFL power rankings, no. 19: Seattle Seahawks

If Russell Wilson was going to be out for more time then the Seahawks would rank lower on this list. However, Wilson is expected to play in Week 10 and that makes it a completely different Seahawks team than with Geno Smith.

The Seahawks were able to hang on and stay in the playoff hunt. It helps that no other backend NFC team has taken charge and that Smith was able to win at least one game as the starter.

A 3-5 record is not great but with the status of the NFC, and Russell Wilson returning, the Seahawks have to be the favorites to secure the sixth or seventh spot in the playoffs. They have some tough games remaining on the schedule but if they buckle down and win the games they should win then we could easily be looking at a 9-8/8-9 playoff team.