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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Chargers creep back into top 10 after win over Eagles

LA Chargers v Philadelphia Eagles
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NFL power rankings, no. 26: Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears played a close game with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football that is receiving a lot of controversy. The officiating in the game was bad and was sided towards the Steelers, perhaps stealing a win away from the Bears.

It is clear that Matt Nagy does not have control of this football team. The Bears feel very similar to the 2020 Chargers as they have a solid young QB (although Justin Fields is not on the level that Justin Herbert is) and some decent talent around him with no direction from the coaching staff.

Bears fans, we know how you feel. It all gets better when you move on from the head coach, especially if you hire someone like Brandon Staley.

NFL power rankings, no. 25: Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles lost to the LA Chargers in Week 9 but it was a close game. While the Chargers only won by three on a last-second field goal this game could have been a much different story if the Chargers were able to convert on their first two failed fourth downs.

It was a gritty win for the Chargers that did not lower the stock of the Eagles. Sure, it was a home loss, but it was a home loss to the AFC West-leading Chargers, who have one of the best quarterbacks in the entire league.