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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Chargers creep back into top 10 after win over Eagles

LA Chargers v Philadelphia Eagles
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NFL power rankings, no. 8: Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have all the stars to be aligned to walk to the first seed in the AFC and just have not been able to get the job done. Quite frankly, the Bills have not been miles better than the Chiefs this season yet have not received the same criticism.

They rank higher on the power rankings because they beat the Chiefs and have a better record but there is easily a situation in which those two teams flip in 2-3 weeks. The Bills are coming off of an ugly loss to the Jaguars, giving them their second ugly loss of the season (Week 1, Pittsburgh).

The Bills have the Jets, Colts, Saints and Patriots over the next four and depending on how things fall, that fourth game against the Patriots could very well lock up the AFC East. They have to play better for that to be the case, though.

NFL power rankings, no. 7: Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens may have had a big loss to the Bengals but they overcame that with an overtime win over the Vikings. Sure, an overtime win over the Vikings might not seem super impressive, but they got the job done when it mattered.

The Ravens are one of just two teams in the AFC with only two losses and they have impressive wins on their resume. They blew out the LA Chargers and beat the Kansas City Chiefs. They have two easy games against Miami and Chicago before a divisional showdown against Cleveland.