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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Chargers creep back into top 10 after win over Eagles

LA Chargers v Philadelphia Eagles
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Teddy Bridgewater, Melvin Gordon
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NFL power rankings, no. 16: New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints are perhaps the most resilient team in the league but one thing is for certain: if they don't go out and sign Philip Rivers then they are going to start sliding in the standings and on the power rankings.

A loss to the Atlanta Falcons is never good and while New Orleans has a really solid defense and a fantastic coaching staff, they won't get very far with the lack of talent on offense. The Saints have the Titans, Eagles (on the road), Bills, Cowboys, Jets and Buccaneers in their next six. That very well could be a 1-5 stretch and put the team at 6-8.

NFL power rankings, no. 15: Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos have been the most fraudulent team in the entire NFL by beating really bad teams and not being as good as their record indicated. Week 9 was a different story, though, as the Broncos had a big win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Nobody should really buy into the Broncos until they do this several times, especially with a tougher slate of games on the horizon. However, even though they will likely fall on this list later in the year, it is hard to rank them lower with them having a 5-4 record.

Them, the Saints and the Steelers are all in their own collective group of being good enough to beat up bad teams but not good enough to consistently beat teams ahead of them.