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LA Chargers: Predicting the outcome of all 4 AFC West games

Las Vegas Raiders v LA Chargers
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Buffalo Bills 40, Kansas City Chiefs 35

Yep, I am predicting the Kansas City Chiefs to fall back under .500. Is this me being optimistic as an LA Chargers fan? A bit. But at the end of the day, the Chiefs have concerns that take away the unbeatable juggernaut feeling that they had before.

The Chiefs are still the best offensive team in the league when everything is going right but even then, the gap between them and the other elite offensive teams in the league has shrunk. The Bills are one of those great offensive teams and they are certainly on a similar level as the Chiefs.

Defensively, the Chiefs cannot stop anyone. They allow the second-most points per game in the league and the Bills are not the team you want to welcome when that is the case. Buffalo has bene rather hit or miss offensively but this has all the makings of being a massive Josh Allen game.

Buffalo's defense has been great this season and ranks first in points allowed per game. They are not that good, they have just faced really bad offensive opponents. That being said, they still have a really talented defensive group led by a defensive head coach.

The downside to this game is the potential for Josh Allen to have an ugly game, which we saw in Week 1 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, it is also really hard to see Allen having another ugly game against this defense.

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This is a revenge game for the Bills and they will get their revenge.