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LA Chargers: Team grades from a sloppy Week 2 loss to the Cowboys

By Alexander Insdorf
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LA Chargers Special Teams: C-

The obvious observation here is Tristan Vizcaino's missed field goal before halftime, especially given that the Chargers only lost by three in the end. It killed some of the momentum they had on what was otherwise a pretty solid drive (penalties notwithstanding).

There was more wrong with the special teams than just that one field goal though. The punt blocking that got Ty Long blown up was abjectly horrible, even if it did result in a first down from a personal foul.

K.J. Hill decided to start the Chargers inside their own 10-yard line by fielding a punt at the two instead of letting it bounce for a touchback. Derius Swinton should absolutely start considering other punt returner options at this point.

It wasn't the worst ST week I've ever seen, but it could've been far, far better.


Offense: C

Defense: B-

Special Teams: C-

There was a lot of discussion about the calls the Chargers got hit with on their final drive. While I certainly believe that the sack call was BS and that the illegal shift was questionable, LA did not deserve to win this game. At no point were the Chargers any less sloppy or any more efficient than the Cowboys.

For all the talk about the refs (it's certainly deserved), the Chargers gave themselves the Plaxico Burress treatment in the foot multiple times and were their own worst enemy. Maybe the Chargers do win that game if the sack isn't called, but they weren't a team that deserved to win this week. It was a significantly worse effort than what we saw against Washington Week 1.