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LA Chargers: Team grades from a sloppy Week 2 loss to the Cowboys

By Alexander Insdorf
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LA Chargers Receivers: B

Mike Williams deserves a big shout-out here, both for his work this week and last week. A lot of Chargers fans questioned his $15 million player option as well as Joe Lombardi's comparisons to Michael Thomas, but he's looked the part so far in both respects. From my experience watching him this season, he's looked less stiff when it comes to route running and it's made all the difference in the world.

Outside of Williams though, the rest of the receiving group didn't impress me much. On paper, that's a very, very weird thing to say when Keenan Allen had 108 yards. But that 60+ yard catch was more about Herbert's arm slinging it there and Allen just being in the right place at the right time.

Aside from that, #13 just wasn't as active as he needed to be the rest of the game. He had three catches for about 40 yards outside of that big dime. I certainly thought Allen would have a more consistent outing against the Dallas secondary coming into the game. Jared Cook, Joshua Palmer, Jalen Guyton, and the aforementioned Ekeler all got a little involved at various points.

LA Chargers Defensive Line: D

Worst position group performance of the day, by far. While I'm sitting here writing, I'm starting to think a D grade might be generous.

31 carries for 198 yards is flat out unacceptable, regardless of the circumstances. Justin Jones is the team's best run defender and it certainly hurt that he was out. But that's no excuse for Linval Joseph, Jerry Tillery, and Christian Covington to get gashed they way they did. There were plenty of sloppy missed tackles near the line as well.

Joey Bosa's effort was my biggest disappointment personally. Terence Steele seemed like a favorable matchup coming into the game, but he dominated Bosa. Tony Romo could've said that Bosa got locked up in jail with Steele throwing away the key and I would've believed him.

There was one decent Bosa pressure where he forced a Tillery/Derwin James combined sack. Outside of that, he was invisible for large portions of the game. Based on what the Dallas' OL situation was coming into the game, that's simply abysmal.