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LA Chargers: Team grades from a sloppy Week 2 loss to the Cowboys

By Alexander Insdorf
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LA Chargers Storm Norton
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LA Chargers Offensive Line: C

My concern heading into the game was Storm Norton coming in and he was, unfortunately, the headline in a bad way. Norton allowed 11 pressures, often being beaten by the same pass rush moves over and over again. It's a bummer because of how well he played vs. Chase Young on several reps last week, but that performance did not carry over to this one. It's fair to say that the former XFL tackle played like...well an XFL tackle.

Other than Slater, it was kind of varying degrees of mediocre for everyone else. Penalties on the offensive line were killer and quite literally killed scoring opportunities as well as actual scores. Matt Feiler and Corey Linsley were weak points relative to level of blocking that's expected of them.

LA Chargers Running Backs: B-

There were moments where the running game popped, but it was pretty lackluster for most of the game in my opinion. On some level, it felt like more of a scheming issue than a running backs issue. Later in the game, the Chargers were running the ball less because of the interior offensive line's struggles.

95 yards on 19 carries doesn't sound terrible if you're just going by the box score. However, 20 of those yards came really early on from an Austin Ekeler scamper. For the rest of the game, Ekeler rushed eight times for 34 yards. Like Ekeler usually does though, he found plenty of ways to contribute in the passing game with nine catches for 61 yards.

Justin Jackson had a few flashes here and there, but both him and running back Larry Rountree III never truly asserted themselves in this one. It was a little disappointing to see Rountree take a backseat this week after his clutch effort against Washington in Week 1.