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LA Chargers Week 1 overreactions: Does LA have the best offense in the NFL?

LA Chargers v Washington Football Team
LA Chargers v Washington Football Team / Patrick Smith/Getty Images
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Logan Thomas, Nasir Adderley
Los Angeles Chargers v Washington Football Team / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

3. The LA Chargers secondary will hold the defense back

Overall, the LA Chargers defense did a fairly good job. Only allowing 16 points is certainly a good thing and while Washington is not the best offensive team in the league, they are still a pro football team.

Yes, Ryan Fitzpatrick also got hurt but Washington was arguably more dangerous with Taylor Heinicke and his ability to use his legs as a weapon against the Bolts. All in all, the Chargers did a really solid job in slowing down this defense.

That being said, there were some interesting takes during this game that were not totally fair to the Bolts. While it was not perfect, the secondary was being singled out as a sore spot in this game because of several bad performances.

Michael Davis was receiving some unjust criticism, Nasir Adderley was receiving some just criticism (he was not great in this game) and even Asante Samuel Jr. could be singled out for his pass interference that led to a touchdown.

The secondary was not perfect but it was certainly good. David held Terry McLaurin at bay for the most part and Washington did not really do much in the passing game. The defense bent when it needed to bend and sure, they let up a touchdown, but that is inevitable.

The secondary (outside of Derwin James) is probably the weakest part of the Chargers defense but it certainly will not hold the team back in any capacity.

Verdict: Overreaction