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LA Chargers: Unit grades from huge Week 9 win over Eagles

By Josie Rohach
Los Angeles Chargers, Autin Ekeler.
Los Angeles Chargers, Autin Ekeler. / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Joey Bosa, LA Chargers.
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Chargers defense Week 9 grade: C

Opposing rushing attacks continue to plague this defense. The Eagles ran for 176 yards on 39 attempts. The LA defense also allowed Philadelphia to rush for 13 first downs. A combination of Jordan Howard, Boston Scott, and Jalen Hurts pounded the ball methodically down the field without much opposition at all. It was not a good look for a unit that was supposed to be improving their last-ranked run-stopping abilities.

Two of the three touchdowns for Philly came on the ground, despite LA missing some key defenders in coverage. This should have been a turning point for the Bolts in ground defense, but instead, they had one of their worst showings of the season.

LA also struggled to shut down Jalen Hurts. Philly's quarterback showed off his dual-threat ability as he rushed for 62 yards and threw for another 162 yards and a passing touchdown. Hurts was able to take his time for the most part.

The Chargers' defense was barely able to put pressure on the quarterback, allowing him a nearly 65 percent completion rate. Despite a depleted cornerback group, The pass coverage was certainly better than the run defense. Just not good enough to make up for it and get Hurts off the field.

Joey Bosa was once again a source of redemption for this defense. He hit Jalen Hurts for the Chargers' only sack of the game, and was responsible for three of the defense's four pressures. The edge rusher has been a consistent playmaker for his unit and Sunday was no exception.

Finally, LA was unable to cause a turnover in this game. That's killer in a tight game where the Chargers were undeniably the better group. The defense has to come up with the big plays to get their offense back out on the field, or they risk wearing out an offense that constantly has the pressure off single-handedly pulling off the wins.