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LA Chargers training camp: Winners and losers of first week

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Mike Williams
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Loser: Mike Williams

Mike Williams is a loser from the first week of LA Chargers training camp for two reasons, the first being the emergence of Tyron Johnson.

Again, we cannot take too much from the first week of camp. This very well could be a hot start for someone that is looking to prove something while Williams is more established and is simply looking to stay healthy. It is just the first week, after all.

However, the fact that Johnson has been more involved and has produced more highlights is concerning for Williams' role as the WR2 next season. Not only is Johnson excelling but Williams has not been particularly good through one week.

It definitely is not a cause for concern yet but based on the reports I am seeing out of camp, Williams is not looking that impressive and has not showcased the best hands.

According to the guys over at the Guilty As Charged Podcast, Williams was targeted around 10 times in camp and only came down with four catches. They pointed out an instance in which Williams ran the wrong route, leading to a miscommunication.

Williams obviously is not going to be cut but he cannot think that his role as the WR2 is already locked in. This is a new head coach and new coaching staff and it does not matter what he did in years past and how much they are paying him.

If Mike Williams is not producing at the level he is capable of the Chargers will reduce his workload. Hopefully, this was nothing more than a slow start.