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LA Chargers training camp wish list: 5 things to wish for

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LA Chargers training camp wish list: 5. The offensive line is as good as it is on paper

You could make the case that this is no. 1 on the wish list and I would be perfectly okay with it. There are two reasons why it is the fifth and final thing on the wish list. First to build the suspense, but second, because I think there is a pretty good chance that this will be true.

As someone who has been more than critical of the team's offensive lines in past years (and for good reason), I can safely say that I would be legitimately shocked if the offensive line was worse than projected if it stays healthy.

Of course, the offensive line staying healthy is on the wish list as well. Realistically, this offensive line can handle one injury in Week 1 as it stands right now with Brenden Jaimes then getting snaps. I would start to panic if there was more than one injury or if that injury was to Corey Linsley.

If it stays healthy I do not see how this isn't a league-average offensive line at worst. I think no matter what we get something that is at least serviceable and the big hope is that it can exceed expectations and be a top-10 offensive line in the league.

It certainly has the potential. Linsley was an All-Pro last season and another season like that gives the Chargers their best center since Nick Hardwick. If Bryan Bulaga can be healthy and return to 2019 form and Rashawn Slater doesn't struggle in year one then the tackles will be fine.

Matt Feiler has been really good as a guard throughout his career with his worse numbers coming at tackle, so he should be league-average at worse and there is potential with Oday Aboushi.

That is the one spot that could be much worse than expected but I am really high on Jaimes as a rookie. If Aboushi is awful then Jaimes could hopefully be serviceable in his place.

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It is hard not to love what the LA Chargers have on paper. The hope is now that it can elevate from paper to the field.