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LA Chargers training camp wish list: 5 things to wish for

Los Angeles Chargers coach Brandon Staley
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LA Chargers training camp wish list: 4. Uchenna Nwosu proves that he can handle his increased role

Joey Bosa is obviously the most important player to the defensive line as he is the best player. Staley has maximized every single elite pass-rusher that he has come in contact with and if Bosa has the same jump we could be looking at the 2021 Defensive Player of the Year.

That will be made possible if those around him make the most of their chances and favorable matchups. Bosa can be great but he cannot do it by himself and the goal of any football team is to get pressure on the quarterback with as few pass rushers as possible.

Uchenna Nwosu is going to be extremely important to that cause as he has been elevated to the starting outside linebacker for the Chargers. Melvin Ingram has officially signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the other edge options the Chargers have brought in are merely depth pieces.

Nwosu is going to get a bulk share of the snaps and the hope is that after training camp we are not questioning whether or not he can handle it.

There definitely are Charger fans that are high on Nwosu and think he can handle this adjustment and that is great, I hope they are correct. I don't think Nwosu is a bad player by any means, but I do hesitate in buying into the idea that he is guaranteed to succeed in this increased role.

The fact of the matter is that he has never played more than 37% of the defensive snaps in a single season. Going from 35% to at least 75% is no small feat.