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LA Chargers training camp wish list: 5 things to wish for

Los Angeles Chargers coach Brandon Staley
Los Angeles Chargers coach Brandon Staley / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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LA Chargers training camp is right around the corner and fans will be able to attend after having to watch from afar last season! Training camp starts on July 28, just over a week from the publication of this article.

Training camp is an exciting time as it gives us our first extended look at the upcoming season. The 2021 season is an exciting one for the Chargers as the team is looking to usher in a new era with Brandon Staley running the show.

There are definitely some important things that fans should be hoping come out of LA Chargers training camp and we have cut our wish list down to five specific things.

The 2021 LA Chargers training camp wish list:

1. Derwin James (and the stars) stay healthy

Injuries are inevitable in football. There is going to be more than one impact player that gets hurt this season and there probably will be at least one player who misses most, if not all, of the entire season.

That is just how football works. People get hurt. Every single team in the league has to deal with this reality and the Chargers are no different. Expecting the Chargers to dodge the injury bullet altogether is setting up for disappointment.

However, there are levels to being hurt and the no. 1 thing that every Charger fan should be wishing for in training camp is that Derwin James and the rest of the stars can head into the season with a clean bill of health.

The Los Angeles Rams already lost Cam Akers for the season with a torn Achilles and he is one of several players who will ultimately suffer season-ending injuries before the season even begins.

If the team can get James, Justin Herbert, Joey Bosa, Keenan Allen and Austin Ekeler to Week 1 without a scratch then that is considered a win. Hopefully, that sets the table for the rest of the team to be relatively healthy as well.