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3 teams that should be calling Uchenna Nwosu after Chargers trade for Khalil Mack

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Justin Fields
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3. Chicago Bears

Wouldn't this be something? The Chicago Bears trading Khalil Mack to the LA Chargers and then going and signing the edge rusher that the Bolts had on the roster last season in Uchenna Nwosu? If Nwosu was under contract then he very well could have been part of this trade as it makes sense for Chicago to go after someone like him.

First of all, the Bears obviously have a hole that they now need to fill and they have the cap space to make some moves. The team does not have a huge amount of cap space, though, and will have to make 1-2 mid-range signings like Nwosu.

The team still wants to contend with Justin Fields at quarterback so adding young pieces to the defense to replace some of the older pieces is exactly what the Bears should be looking to do. Then, all of the dead cap on Mack's deal is freed up in 2023 with the cap projected to spike up and the Bears can go on a spending spree to complement the young pieces that they theoretically add this offseason.

Nwosu would cost the Bears half of what Mack would have and while Mack makes a massive difference in LA, in 2-3 years Nwosu could offer the Bears 90% of what Mack would have at that point in time and you have to consider that a win if you are Chicago.

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If Nwosu has a competitive market and his value skyrockets past what PFF projects him to get then the Bears are probably out of the picture. However, at $8.75 million a year, Nwosu could make a lot of sense for Chicago after trading Mack.