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3 teams that should be calling Uchenna Nwosu after Chargers trade for Khalil Mack

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Joe Mixon, Bradley Chubb
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1. Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are being just as aggressive as the LA Chargers are this offseason. While Mack is obviously a huge addition for the Chargers, Russell Wilson is a bigger addition as the Broncos went from having a bottom-10 quarterback situation in the league to a top-10 quarterback situation with a solid roster around him.

There is more work to be done for Denver and one of the areas of need for the team is at edge-rusher. There was some speculation that Von Miller would return to the Broncos but with limited cap space, the Broncos are more likely to get someone of Nwosu's caliber.

According to Over The Cap, Denver has $21.8 million in practical cap space. That gives the team enough space to pay its draft picks, sign Nwosu and sign some replacements in the secondary that are cheaper. Miller does not allow the same flexibility.

It would be a shame to see Nwosu go to the Broncos as it would create a dynamic, young edge-rushing duo alongside Bradley Chubb. While it would not be quite at the level of Mack and Joey Bosa, it would give the team a solid tandem for the next several seasons.