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LA Chargers surprise cut candidates: 3 players who could get let go

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Rex Burkhead, Alohi Gilman
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2. Alohi Gilman

Again, Brandon Staley likes having a deep secondary, which is naturally going to help someone like Alohi Gilman. That is what makes him potentially getting cut a shocking move as you would think that Staley and co. would look to keep at much depth in the secondary.

There are only so many roster spots to hand out, though, and with the addition of JT Woods, there has to be someone who does not make the cut. No other safety left the team this offseason so in theory, there has to be one player from last year's team that gets the boot.

Trey Marshall is the most likely option and you could even make a case for Mark Webb Jr. However, Gilman is definitely a possibility as he does not fit the exact mold of what Staley needs in this defense. Plus, he was not a Staley selection, whereas Webb was last year.

Gilman just lacks the ball skills and athleticism to really make a difference. He is sold in terms of technique and is a fine tackler but he lacks the necessary skills to be a good cover option that disrupts plays in the passing game.

Johnson didn't really match what the Chargers were looking for last year as they wanted return value our of the fifth receiver on the roster. Gilman very well might not match what the team is looking for at safety this year.