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LA Chargers surprise cut candidates: 3 players who could get let go

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The LA Chargers are going to have to clear out a lot of roster space before the start of the 2022 season as the team currently has 88 players under contract. That is exactly what training camp is for as the team will shave off 35 players in time for Week 1.

Most of the cuts will be undrafted free agents and players who we expect to be cut. However, every year there is at least one surprising cut, with last year's most surprising cut being Tyron Johnson. Chances are we see another player that shocks people.

Here are 3 players who the Chargers could potentially cut before the 2022 season:

1. Tevaughn Campbell

This might not seem like a huge surprise considering Tevaughn Campbell was really bad for the Chargers last season but it still would be a bit of a shock. Campbell had a prominent depth role on the team last season and to go from a prominent depth role to no role on the roster at all is a big leap.

It would take the rookie developmental cornerbacks showing some promise in training camp for the Chargers to be comfortable cutting Campbell, regardless of how bad he was last season. Campbell still at least has NFL experience whereas the developmental options do not.

Brandon Staley loves cover corners and he is going to try and be as deep at the position as possible next season. That seemingly indicates that Campbell should be safe to at least get a roster spot but you never know what could happen during camp that swings things.