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5 things the LA Chargers can do to make the Super Bowl in 2023

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5. Don't change anything about the team's identity/philosophies

The LA Chargers are obviously going to have to make minor tweaks as every NFL team has to make tweaks not only in the offseason but game-to-game. However, when it comes to the overall philosophy and how Brandon Staley wants to play football, the Chargers should not change anything for the 2022 season.

Why? There is a long recent track record of players and coaches figuring it out in their second season together. While this is going to be Justin Herbert's third season in the league, this is going to be his second season in this system and that bodes well not only for Herbert but the rest of the team that is going to be more comfortable.

Last year's Super Bowl was an anomaly as it did not follow this trend. Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid were in their third season together and Tom Brady and Bruce Arians were in their first season together. They split the difference.

However, most recent Super Bowl matchups before that had at least one team that was playing in this very specific scenario. Heck, even this Super Bowl follows this trend as Zac Taylor and Joe Burrow are in their second season together.

In 2020 we saw Mahomes win the Super Bowl in his second year with Andy Reid while Jimmy G was essentially in his second season with the 49ers after being hurt the year before. The year before that saw Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson thrive in their second year together. Before that was Matt Ryan in his second season with both Dan Quinn AND Kyle Shanahan.

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There is a nice window when a team makes the leap together and the rest of the league has not yet adjusted. We have seen that on full display with the Bengals in the playoffs. History tends to repeat itself and the Chargers should not be frantically trying to change their identity because of it.