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5 things the LA Chargers can do to make the Super Bowl in 2023

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4. Re-sign Mike Williams or get someone better

This is a controversial opinion for some fans who do not want to see the LA Chargers pay Mike Williams a premium salary. However, the Chargers would be silly to get cheap on Mike Williams and the key to getting to the Super Bowl next year is either bringing him back or finding someone better.

There is only one free agent on the market that is better than Mike Williams: Davante Adams. That is not likely going to happen so the fans that do not want to see Williams return should brace for him coming back.

Just look at the two teams that are currently in the Super Bowl. Joe Burrow has great weapons in Ja'Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, Joe Mixon and Tyler Boyd. Matthew Stafford has the best receiver in the NFL in Cooper Kupp and a resurgent Odell Beckham Jr. In today's game you need weapons to succeed and it does not matter how good Herbert is, he needs good weapons.

The Chargers have a lot of cap space and the team getting cheap and not signing one of Herbert's best weapons because he will be $3-4 million overpaid would be extremely foolish. Joshua Palmer has potential but we cannot sit here and say that he is guaranteed to be a true WR2 next year and Keenan Allen is only getting older and will start to regress at some point.

The Chargers should be franchise tagging Mike Williams with the intention of extending him a four-year contract offer in the offseason. If Williams ends up being a complete bust (which, how could he outside of injuries?) then the Chargers can get out of the contract after two years with a minimal cap hit.

It really is not that hard.