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5 things the LA Chargers can do to make the Super Bowl in 2023

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Derwin James
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3. Build Brandon Staley's version of the secondary

If we are talking about Brandon Staley finally getting to build his version of the defense on the LA Chargers then we have to talk about the secondary. Staley's defensive ideology is interesting as it relies on not stacking the box and instead running out more defensive backs.

However, the big key to this is being able to have defensive backs who are versatile. Guys who can play in the slot and can play in a two-high safety look and can play in the box when needed. The Chargers do not have a lot of that on this roster. Derwin James can obviously do that but outside of him, the only one who really showed any versatility was Chris Harris, who occasionally played safety.

This is an important offseason as the Chargers need to build out depth in the secondary. Michael Davis and Asante Samuel Jr. have promise but neither are true CB1s and the Chargers need a slot corner as well.

Quite frankly, with how important the secondary is for what Staley wants to do and how important versatility is, I would guarantee that we see at least three starting-caliber additions to the secondary, if not four. At least two cornerbacks and a safety seems like the most likely path for the Bolts.