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5 things the LA Chargers can do to make the Super Bowl in 2023

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Boston Scott, Jerry Tillery, Uchenna Nwosu
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2. Reinvent the run defense

There is a good chance that Jerry Tillery is the only starting defensive tackle on the LA Chargers from 2021 that is on the team in 2022 and that is only because he is still under contract. Linval Joseph and Justin Jones are both free agents and while Jones was good against the run, the Chargers may look to completely reinvent the interior defensive line.

This is Brandon Staley's second offseason with the team and his first real chance to bring in completely new pieces and try to build his version of the defense rather than inheriting someone else's defense. For that reason, there is a good chance that we see the team spend in free agency on the interior defensive line.

Sebastian Joseph-Day is the most intriguing option and with his connections to Brandon Staley it is a no-brainer to sign him and keep him in LA. There are other low-key signings that the Chargers can make for cheaper and the Bolts also will probably take a defensive tackle in rounds 2-3 in order to fully build out this new defensive line.

While defending the pass has become more important in today's NFL than defending the run, the Chargers' run defense had a massive ripple effect on the rest of the defense. Teams were able to attack the Chargers early in downs, creating shorter third-down attempts that were easier to convert.

Was it the only problem? No. But if the Chargers are going to fix the shoddy defense from 2021 it starts there.