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LA Chargers: Comprehensive SoFi Stadium guide

By Ryan Daley
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SoFi Stadium itself

The whole structure of the stadium was absolutely stunning.

If you get to go at some point in your life, you have to just admire the amazing work that was put into that building. From everything on the outside to everything on the inside. It was all just super well done. 

One positive about this building was how close everything was together. Being on the second floor, we had pretty much everything we needed right by our seats. From the food, to the team stores, to the bar. We had everything we would need throughout the game right there. 

One thing I would say they need to change is making it clear where you can or can not go. There weren’t really signs telling us that we couldn’t go somewhere. My girlfriend and I would walk around without really knowing what was restricted. So hopefully they can make that clear so no one gets in trouble… again. 

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SoFi Stadium's food

The food in my opinion was nothing special.

From what I heard, the food was limited because of the stadium being understaffed. Which makes total sense. They want to keep the menu simple so they can just keep food flowing at a fast pace. We did get our food pretty fast, but there was nothing exciting about it.

My girlfriend and I got a burrito that was pretty good, a hot dog that was good, and some popcorn that was alright. We also got this souvenir cup that was obviously overpriced but was pretty cool. I overheard others at the game got the chicken fingers and they weren’t that good. Chicken fingers that also didn’t come with fries.

It also seemed like you had to go to different floors to get certain types of food. At one point we wanted to get pizza at the game but none of the concessions on our floor had it. We found out though that the floor below us or above us had pizza, so it seemed like you had to go out of your way to get certain foods. Hopefully, once they start giving others more options, the food will be better.