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LA Chargers: Comprehensive SoFi Stadium guide

By Ryan Daley
San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Chargers
San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/Getty Images
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SoFi Stadium is not only the home for both the LA Chargers and LA Rams but also is the most expensive stadium in the United States. This year, the stadium is finally allowing fans to watch games.

I was lucky enough to go to the stadium and get the SoFi experience at the 49ers versus Chargers game. In this article, I will be making a guide to what you should expect at SoFi stadium if you decide to attend a game this regular season.

Comprehensive SoFi Stadium guide for LA Chargers fans:


While this may seem like a weird category, it was one that caused me a lot of trouble.

Purchasing tickets and downloading them were pretty easy. TicketMaster made it pretty easy to buy them, and then just download them on the Wallet app on my IPhone. This tactic was pushed on the ticketmaster app, as it said it would make getting into the entrance a lot faster. When in reality, it was not the fastest way at all.

I know a lot of Chargers’ fans on Twitter were tweeting about their tickets not working or scanning when they got to the stadium. Sure enough, it happened to us as well. We were one of the first in line, but the person scanning our tickets couldn’t get them to work.

The guy told us that it was an issue with the sun, but nothing was working. Finally, after 10 minutes, we were taken to the side by someone who seemed to be more in charge, and our tickets finally worked.

Some fans were saying that they ended up getting kicked to the back of the line because of this, but thankfully they handled it a lot better during our game. Hopefully, they get this problem fixed during the regular season because it could end up being a pain if people’s tickets hold up lines.