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LA Chargers: The most surprising snap counts from Week 3 win over Chiefs

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The LA Chargers shocked the NFL world on Sunday, handing the Kansas City Chiefs their second consecutive loss by a final score of 30-24. The defense was able to force four takeaways against the Chiefs and when the game was on the line, Brandon Staley chose to trust in his quarterback and offense and it resulted in a win.

This is a great win for the Chargers, especially coming off of last week's ugly loss to the Dallas Cowboys. It was extremely important to start the season on the right note with the tough few games coming up on the schedule and there is no better way to start the season on the right note than by beating the Chiefs.

It is clear that Staley has established a new culture in LA not just in how the team views itself, but how the team makes decisions and conducts business. This is a confident, analytic-driven football team, which is the perfect recipe for success.

The decision to go for it on fourth and nine was not Staley's only surprising decision of the day.

There are some surprising snap counts from the LA Chargers' win over the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 3.

As there is every week, there were two snap counts on the LA Chargers that are a bit surprising in retrospect. While this is by no means an attempt to disagree with Staley's decision on who played and how much, just merely an observation that it took us by surprise.

Let's get into the most surprising snap counts from Week 3, starting with the offensive surprise before the defensive surprise.