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LA Chargers: Most surprising snap counts from Week 2 loss

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Jalen Guyto
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Jalen Guyton: 50 snaps (74%)

Jalen Guyton getting this many snaps is surprising for two reasons. First, it is simply surprising that he is getting this much playing time. Guyton was on the field more often than Austin Ekeler and Jared Cook and while it is not a direct comparison, those two were thought to be more impactful than Guyton.

It is also surprising considering Joshua Palmer's performance in the preseason. Palmer was the surprising snap count of Week 1 and while he got more snaps in Week 2, it is still shocking to see that big of a discrepancy between him and Guyton.

It is also surprising because Guyton really did not do all that much. He was on the field more than Ekeler and Cook and was almost on the field as much as Mike Williams and his overall numbers would not reflect that.

Guyton caught just two passes for 13 yards. He was only targeted twice and he did have a rushing attempt, picking up nine yards. This comes with the turf of being the third receiver and the fifth weapon on offense, but it still is surprising to see him get this many snaps.

Palmer caught two passes for 21 yards in far less playing time. Personally, I would like to see Palmer on the field more than Guyton with the team using Guyton for the big plays down the field, similar to Tyron Johnson's role with the team last season.

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I just don't see Guyton as this every-down third receiver. I see him more as a fourth receiver in certain circumstances that can utilize his speed down the field. Perhaps that will slowly change over the course of the season as Palmer gets more reps under his belt.