3 second-year LA Chargers poised for a big year in 2022

Jason Reed
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Tre' McKitty
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3. Tre' McKitty

Talk about having a slow start, Tre' McKitty was not even on the active roster for most of the beginning of the 2021 season. The third-round pick didn't make his first appearance on the roster until Week 7 and did not get a passing target until Week 10.

Targets is not what is so exciting about McKitty, though, and when we look back at his 2022 season after the year is over it might not seem like it was actually a huge year. While McKitty has potential as a receiving tight end, he likely is not going to be the most prominent pass-catcher at the position.

The Chargers are likely going to bring in help either in free agency or the 2022 NFL Draft to add someone who can be a passing target at the tight end position. Donald Parham provides depth there as well but the team needs more depth than that.

What is exciting about McKitty's game is his blocking ability. McKitty instantly came into the league as a great blocker for a tight end and his ceiling as a blocking tight end is as high as it can be. Sure, it is not the most exciting thing but it is an integral part of the offense that the team cannot ignore.

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As McKitty gets more reps as a pass-catcher he is only going to get better and he very well could be on his way to being as well-rounded as a tight end can be. With more snaps in 2022, especially in the run game, McKitty is going to show just how talented he is.