LA Chargers schedule: Worst-case possibilities for 2022

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3. The LA Chargers get an early bye week

The AFC West, and the AFC as a whole, is going to be a grueling battle all season long. There are so many good teams in the AFC with elite quarterbacks while the AFC West is undoubtedly the most talented division in the sport. Swap the Chargers with a team like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and they would easily be penciled in to win their division this season.

Every team gets a bye week and the Chargers should be hoping for a bye week that comes later in the season. Getting an early bye week in Week 6 or 7 could make a difference for the Chargers down the stretch.

If the Chargers get an early bye week and have to play 10, 11, or 12 games in a row to fight for there spot in the playoffs then we could see some fatigue down the stretch for the Bolts. The last thing the Chargers need is to fatigue down the stretch and lose another easy game against a team like the Houston Texans.

A Week 10 bye or later would be ideal for the LA Chargers. While a later bye week means they have to start the season with more consecutive games, it does add more juice to the team if they are in the playoff hunt (they will be).

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The Chargers have had to deal with an early bye week in each of the last two seasons. The Bolts' bye week was in Week 7 last season and in the year before their schedule got shifted around because of COVID-19, giving them a Week 6 bye.