LA Chargers schedule: Worst-case possibilities for 2022

Jason Reed
Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
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Andrew Berry, Deshaun Watson, Kevin Stefanski
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2. The LA Chargers have to play Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson was traded to the Cleveland Browns this offseason and was given the first-ever fully-guaranteed massive quarterback contract. Sure, Kirk Cousins signed a fully-guaranteed deal with Minnesota but that was nothing compared to this.

Adding Watson to the Cleveland Browns suddenly makes them a very hard team to beat, especially on the road. The Browns and Chargers had one of the most entertaining battles of the season last year and the main reason why the Browns ultimately lost that game was because of Baker Mayfield.

While Watson certainly changes things for the Browns, there is still a chance that he could serve a suspension from the NFL for the league's ongoing investigation. It is unclear what the punishment could be from the league, if any. Obviously, if there is a suspension it will come at the beginning of the year.

That makes the Browns a tougher team to beat if the Chargers were to play them in December while Watson could theoretically play. The earlier the Chargers play the Browns the more likely it is that they will face Jacoby Brissett at quarterback instead of Watson.

Hopefully, the league comes to a proper conclusion on Watson's investigation not for the LA Chargers' sake, but for the sake of those affected.