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LA Chargers: The pros and cons of claiming Trey Marshall and Eric Banks

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The pros and cons of the LA Chargers signing Trey Marshall


The biggest advantage of signing Marshall and the main reason why the LA Chargers likely made the move is his special teams impact. Marshall has been a constant member of the Broncos' special teams unit and that is what he is going to be brought in for in LA.

Brandon Facyson did not have big of a value on the special teams side of the ball and we know for fact that the Chargers are valuing that a lot when it comes to making roster decisions.

That was the reason given for waiving Tyron Johnson, although I am not sure what kind of special teams value Easton Stick brings to the team. Regardless, Marshall improves the Chargers special teams, albeit slightly. That really is the only pro.


There are two main cons that stick out when talking about this signing. First is Marshall's abilities on the defensive side of the ball. Yes, Marshall has experience with Renaldo Hill but he has not proven to be a reliable member of a secondary.

Could he shock everyone? Sure, but you can say that about literally any player. Marshall was an undrafted free agent for a reason and he has been in the league for three seasons and has played a grand total of 175 mediocre defensive snaps.

This also hurts the cornerback depth. While Marshall is a defensive back, he is a safety first and foremost and is not going to log time at corner. The Chargers are now down to five cornerbacks, with the fourth and fifth options being Tevaughn Campbell and Kemon Hall.

Those are not great options, especially when the third corner on the team is old and the second is a rookie who seems to be great but is still unproven. The team was already four deep at safety.

Does the slight special teams improvement warrant hurting the depth of the cornerback position? We will find that out during the season.