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5 players who just played their last game with the LA Chargers

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Jared Cook, Desmond Trufant
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2. Jared Cook

While Jared Cook did have a pretty ugly drop in the fourth quarter of this game, that play was pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Cook was not one of the problems with the Chargers in their Week 18 loss to the Raiders, but at the end of the day, it is clear that the team needs to go in another direction at the tight end position.

Cook was signed to a one-year deal last offseason and was viewed mainly as a one-year stopgap option with Hunter Henry leaving for New England. However, because of his familiarity with offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi, there was potential for Cook to be signed back after one year if he proved his worth.

He didn't. While Cook had some decent moments in Week 18 against the Raiders, the overall body of work was less than impressive for the long-time NFL veteran. Whether it was making drops in key moments or literally giving up on a play to result in a pick-six, Cook had some ugly moments with the Bolts.

The Chargers spent a third-round pick on Tre' McKitty, who we already know is a fantastic run-blocker. The team is much better off giving him a bigger role and trying to retain both Stephen Anderson and Donald Parham to be passing options in the offense.

Cook would simply be taking away playing time from the younger guys that need it and while the Bolts have a lot of cap space, they should not use any of it on him.