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5 players who just played their last game with the LA Chargers

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1. Chris Harris Jr.

There are two positions you should almost never sign when they reach the age of 30. Running back is definitely one of them and the other one is cornerback. Chris Harris has shown every Charger fan why that is the cold hard truth over these last two seasons (although Casey Hayward has been good for the Raiders, but he signed cheap).

Year one consisted of several injuries that kept Harris off the field for a big portion of the season. When he wasn't playing he was not that good either, but there were so many other things going wrong with the Chargers in 2020 that it was not highlighted.

It was on full display this season. Harris missed some time early on in the season and was absolutely horrible when he returned. Funny enough, Harris actually started to play decently in the last month or so of the season, taking some of the heat off of him.

That all changed in Week 18 when Harris went back to being a liability on the defensive side of the football. Whether it be with bad holding calls, a defensive pass interference call that wasn't DPI but was completely unnecessary, or him getting absolutely torched in man coverage against Hunter Renfrow at the goal-line, it was bad for Harris.

Even if Harris didn't play horribly against the Raiders he was likely not going to return to the Chargers. That was just the icing on the cake. There is no place for him on the Chargers roster next season.