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5 LA Chargers who improved the most during the 2021 season

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2. Nasir Adderley

Nasir Adderley is the perfect example of why you should never give up on a player. That is why even though he played absolutely terrible this season, we should not fully give up on Kenneth Murray. Should we expect him to be a Pro Bowler? Not at all. But he can still turn it around in his third season. Nasir Adderley did.

To be fair to Adderley, his situation was much different than Murray's and in reflection, it is easy to see why he did not jump out of the game as the ball-hawking safety that we thought the Chargers were getting from the 2019 NFL Draft.

Adderley dealt with various injuries in his rookie season and was unable to really string together any consistent playing time as a result. While he played in his rookie season, he was unable to gain the kind of experience that a rookie needs to gain to take that next step.

Then Adderley had to deal with a wonky offseason when COVID-19 was at its worst. There was not a regular training camp and no preseason for Adderley to hone his craft. He obviously did not fit Gus Bradley's defense and it showed.

Enter year three and Adderley gets a coach in Brandon Staley who really complements his playstyle and he also gets to finally play alongside Derwin James and things were different. While I think some Charger fans have overrated the kind of season Adderley had, there is no denying that he improved tenfold from what he was doing in his first two years in the league.

There is a chance that Adderley could blossom into being a Pro Bowl-caliber player in 2022 if he continues to improve at the rate that he is improving.