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LA Chargers: 3 players who are more important than you realize

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3. Jerry Tillery

Like Adderley, Jerry Tillery is entering his third season in the NFL and has not been as good as fans would have hoped for thus far in his career. The expectations were even higher with Tillery as he was a first-round pick by the team in 2019.

There have been flashes of something being there in Tillery's career as well. He started the 2020 season off on a huge note, having arguably the best game of his entire season in Week 1 against the Cincinnati Bengals. He never regained that form and like in college, he has been hit or miss.

Fans know how important this season is to Tillery as he is in his third year but is also important to the Chargers as well. It has nothing to do with the Chargers wanting to avoid a bad first-round pick, either.

If Tillery can be successful on the LA Chargers in 2021 then the sky is the limit for the team. While they do not necessarily need a fantastic season out of Tillery, getting that would completely change the dynamic of the team.

The entire goal of the defensive line is to get Joey Bosa in favorable matchups and that is going to be harder without there being a standout second option on the defensive line. And quite frankly, the only one that can make that jump to that for the Chargers is Tillery.

The team could move him around the defensive line, playing him both as nose tackle and at defensive end, and could really help create some great matchups for Joey Bosa. That is, of course, if Tillery is playing well.

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Bosa is still going to get his no matter what but the difference between Bosa having a Pro Bowl season and having a Defensive Player of the Year season might just be the impact of Jerry Tillery.