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LA Chargers: 3 players who are more important than you realize

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2. Bryan Bulaga

The entire offensive line is important but Bryan Bulaga is particularly important. It is obviously easy to just say that both tackles are important, which is true. And while Rashawn Slater is important, fans also know he is extremely important. As is Bulaga.

Bulaga did not play much last season and when he did he was not that great because of the injuries that he sustained. He has not necessarily had a great bill of health during the preseason either and it is extremely important that he stays healthy.

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It is even more important after seeing how bad the backup tackle options played against the San Francisco 49ers. Both Trey Pipkins and Storm Norton were really bad in that game and while the team can play Brenden Jaimes or Matt Feiler at tackle, the hope is that they do not have to do that.

Everyone knows that Slater is important and it is important that he stays healthy all season. Just because Bulaga is not blocking Justin Herbert's blindside does not mean he is equally as important and it is crucial for the team that he stays healthy in 2021.

If not, things could start to get real ugly at the right tackle position for the Bolts.