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LA Chargers: Final 53 man roster prediction after the preseason

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Jalen Guyton
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Wide Receivers: Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Jalen Guyton, Tyron Johnson, Joshua Palmer, K.J. Hill (6)

The wide receiver interest this preseason has always been about that sixth spot. Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Jalen Guyton, and Tyron Johnson were automatic locks to make the roster. Joshua Palmer fits that category as well after being drafted in the third round.

The true contenders that emerged for that sixth spot throughout camp and the preseason were K.J. Hill, Joe Reed, and Jason Moore. As of now, it feels like K.J. Hill's punt returning job is the main reason he's going to make the roster over the other two. Joe Reed is currently injured as he's spent the last portion of the preseason in a walking boot.

Jason Moore has stuck around with the Chargers as their WR6/practice squad guy for years. It wouldn't surprise me to see him make the team, but the selection of a Day 2 wideout in the draft complicates things. It's hard to find a space for him that's not that practice squad.

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Austin Proehl's cut last week pretty much guaranteed Hill's spot on the roster. By the end of training camp, they were the only two on the team who truly had first unit punt return duties.

K.J. Hill is listed as the first-string punt returner and second-string kick returner (behind Nasir Adderley). It doesn't seem at this point like there's been anyone actively competing with him on ST following Proehl's injury.