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LA Chargers: 5 biggest disappointments heading into bye week

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Bryan Bulaga
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3. Bryan Bulaga

This is a case where Bryan Bulaga has been disappointing because he is hurt. It might not be totally fair to be unhappy with Bulaga when some things are simply out of the player's control but it would be a lie if we said that he hasn't been an extremely disappointing signing for the LA Chargers.

Bulaga was the guy that Charger fans wanted in free agency in 2020 and Tom Telesco brought him in. The offensive line was horrible in 2019 and Bulaga was meant to be a consistent anchor at right tackle that would help the team take a step in the right direction.

Instead, he hardly played in 2020 and was not very good when he did play. The offensive line was horrendous and Justin Herbert succeeded in spite of it, proving that he is a real-deal NFL quarterback.

There was some hope that Bulaga could turn it around as part of this new-look offensive line in 2021. If he could stay healthy and everyone could play to their ceilings then this was an offensive line that could be top-10 in the league.

He played just one half. He was removed at halftime against Washington and Storm Norton has been the right tackle ever since. Norton has had some hiccups here and there but has held it up for the most part.

Now if Norton gets hurt... that is scary.