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LA Chargers: 5 players most likely to get cut after 49ers preseason game

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K.J. Sails, CB

We can copy and paste what we wrote about Chris Okoye and include it on this page for K.J. Sails as well. Ironically enough, Sails was signed alongside Okoye in early August and the signing was likely for the exact same resaon: preseason depth.

The cornerback position is deep and there are other players who are shining at the tail end of the depth chart while Sails is not doing much at all. John Brannon has really stepped up both in training camp and with an interception in the closing moments of the preseason game against the Rams.

Brannon is playing himself into a roster spot and is only going to make it harder for the other cornerbacks this deep on the depth chart to get a spot. I would say that Sails' odds are extremely slim and I would be surprised if he stuck around past next Tuesday.

He also did not play much in the preseason game against the Rams, logging just six defensive snaps, and I do not see that changing much as the preseason develops. Keep him around for one more week for that depth and then when you are forced to make a decision you cut ties with him.