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LA Chargers: 5 players most likely to get cut after 49ers preseason game

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The LA Chargers had to trim the roster down to 85 players following the preseason win over the LA Rams and after playing the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday the team is going to have to trim the roster down even further to 80 players.

The Chargers even made later cuts on Tuesday, also making a signing as well. The most notable name that was released was quarterback C.J. Costello.

This means that five players are on the block to be cut by the Chargers before next Tuesday. There definitely are cut candidates who appear to be the most likely candidates and they are going to need to show something special in this preseason game to stick around.

No big names yet. While there are some familiar faces who absolutely could be cut before the season starts, that will come at a later date.

The 5 LA Chargers most likely to be cut next:

John Hurst, WR

John Hurst has not been dealt the best hand as he was just activated from the PUP list last week. He has not gotten much of a chance to prove his worth to the team but with so many receivers, Hurst is on the chopping block.

He is never going to get snaps in the offense with how deep the Chargers are at receiver and he does not bring as much special teams value as other receivers ahead of him.

While K.J. Hill and especially Joe Reed have not been getting favorable playing time, they do both still bring more to the special teams side of the ball than Hurst, which will ultimately be the deciding factor in these decisions.

The Chargers currently have seven wide receivers with six often being the magic numbers. Perhaps Hurst sticks around longer for preseason depth, but with only one more preseason game after the 49ers game, I doubt it.