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LA Chargers: The 3 most concerning positions on the Chargers roster

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Most concerning positions on the LA Chargers roster: 2. Wide receiver

I feel a lot worse about wide receiver today than I did a week ago, mostly because of the team cutting Tyron Johnson.

I get it, Johnson was not some revolutionary wide receiver for the Chargers last season. Johnson likely was not even going to be in the top three on the depth chart with Josh Palmer having such a strong camp and preseason.

I get that there is a lot of outrage and some fans just don't get it. No, the team is not losing Keenan Allen. But let's not completely downplay what the loss of Johnson means. The most surprising thing of it all is that the team is purposely carrying a roster that is very thin at wide receiver.

That is concerning.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of only carrying five wide receivers on the roster, especially when one is injury-prone (Mike Williams) one is a rookie and unproven (Josh Palmer) and one had a case of the drop last season (Jalen Guyton).

The Bolts do have Michael Bandy, Joe Reed and Jason Moore on the practice squad but are any of those guys particularly exciting? Not really.

One injury (it will happen, it is football) to one of the three-best receivers and the Chargers are shaky. If Williams gets hurt, and Palmer has a rookie learning curve, then the team is in serious trouble.