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LA Chargers: The 3 most concerning positions on the Chargers roster

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Most concerning positions on the LA Chargers roster: 3. Safety

One of the best players on the LA Chargers is a safety in Derwin James, so it might seem strange to consider this an area of concern. However, the depth of the position is potentially worrisome, especially if anything happens to James.

We did not see James at all in the preseason as the Chargers completely rested a fair amount of starters to avoid the risk of injury. Luckily, James looks great in camp and during joint practice with the San Francisco 49ers, so there should not be many concerns about him reaching the same level he once was post-injury.

It is still justifiable to be concerned about how he will hold up over the course of a 17-game season. Football is brutal and to go from playing five games in two seasons to 17 in one season is no easy task.

Even if James does stay healthy there are concerns around the rest of the position. Nasir Adderley is going to start at free safety and he did nothing in camp or the preseason for us to predict a turnaround season for him.

That does not mean that he won't turn it around, but it was not the kind of convincing performance that Chargers fans should have hoped for.

Behind those two the depth is quite thin. Alohi Gilman is fine but is nothing special, Mark Webb is a rookie with limited preseason experience and Trey Murphy has not done much of anything outside of special teams in his NFL career.

The hope is that James can stay healthy and Adderley turns it around. If that happens then the safety position could be one of the strongest on the team. However, the potential floor is concerning.