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LA Chargers: 3 roster changes that Brandon Staley must make

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Easton Stick
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3. Get Easton Stick off the active roster

The LA Chargers made some interesting roster choices at the beginning of the season that were dissected then and still don't make a ton of sense now. The mots polarizing move was cutting Tyron Johnson, which seemed to be a mistake at the time.

The Chargers probably should have kept Johnson but the biggest mistake was who the team kept instead. There is some fat on this roster that can easily be trimmed off and it is hard to see why certain players are even on the roster in the first place.

Enter Easton Stick. Tom Telesco has no problem cutting skill position players that he recently drafted (Hi, Joe Reed and K.J. Hill) but he will not cut the quarterback that he recently drafted. Keep in mind Stick is third on the depth chart and literally serves no purpose to this team other can being the scout team QB.

Are they worried about another team picking him up off the practice squad? What has Stick done for another team to take him over whatever replaceable third string they have in house? There is literally no reason for Stick to be on the active roster every week yet he is. That spot could instead be given to someone who can help on special teams! What an idea!

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There are certainly other areas the Chargers could trim but Stick is the most egregious example. He serves no purpose in being on the active roster.