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LA Chargers: 3 roster changes that Brandon Staley must make

New England Patriots v LA Chargers
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Mac Jones, Chris Harris Jr.
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2. Play Chris Harris Jr. less

The young rookie wide receiver should play more and the old, veteran cornerback should be playing less. Chris Harris was viewed as an impact signing by the LA Chargers prior to the 2020 season and in a year and a half he has proven why teams shouldn't pay up for old cornerbacks.

Harris has battled several injuries in his short Chargers tenure and he just has not been very good in 2021. He missed three games earlier in the season and his presence was seemingly missed but in reality the Chargers found a better option.

Tevaughn Campbell is a better option in the slot right now than Chris Harris. Campbell is at least a playmaker and is much more athletic than Harris is at this point in his career. And Harris definitely should not be seeing playing time over Asante Samuel Jr. and Michael Davis.

Harris had to play a big number of snaps against the Patriots because of the several injuries that the Chargers suffered in the secondary. However, when the secondary is at full strength, we should see the team start to scale back Harris' playing time.

Any quick receiver is going to have their way with Harris and his impact in the running game as the slot corner is nothing special.