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LA Chargers: 3 roster changes that Brandon Staley must make

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Joshua Palmer
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1. Give Joshua Palmer more snaps

Joshua Palmer recorded the first touchdown of his NFL career in Week 8. Some would point out that it was in garbage time and while that is true, it was still an extremely impressive catch in traffic that at least gave the Chargers a chance to tie the game or win it.

If the Bolts would have recovered the onside kick and extended the game Palmer would have been the hero. Instead, his first career touchdown is getting overlooked, but not by us here at Bolt Beat.

It is more than just that first career touchdown, though. Palmer looked extremely polished in the preseason and has done well in the small chances he has gotten. Sure, he did not look great against Marlon Humphries in Week 6 but that is just setting the rookie up to fail.

Palmer played 52% of the offensive snaps against Baltimore and that was mostly because Mike Williams was not 100% and only played 36% of the snaps. Outside of the Baltimore game, Palmer has not played more than 25% of the team's offensive snaps.

With the drop problem that is currently occurring on the roster it does not hurt to give Palmer more snaps and more chances to make an impact in the passing game. Not only that, but if the team is not going to use Jalen Guyton's speed on deep routes then why is he even playing much more than Palmer?

Palmer is the better route runner and I would much rather the team give the third-round pick some snaps in the offense rather than give Guyton the snaps only to not utilize his abilities. Nothing against Guyton, he is just being miscast.