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LA Chargers: 3 roster changes that Brandon Staley must make

New England Patriots v LA Chargers
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The LA Chargers started the 2021 season on a great note. The team started with a 4-1 record and the sky really did seem to be the limit. Fans were penciling in the Chargers to win the AFC West with a great record that was set to ease up after the first six weeks.

The Bolts then dropped an ugly game against the Baltimore Ravens. While less than ideal, it happens and there was optimism that the bye week would serve the Chargers well. Then the team went into Week 8 against the New England Patriots and played a really ugly football game, losing in the process.

Now, some fans have reverted all the way to the other side and have hit the panic button. Thinking the Chargers were Super Bowl bound after five weeks and panicking after two straight losses are both overreactions. The real reality will likely fall somewhere in the middle.

One thing is for certain, though.

The LA Chargers need to make roster changes moving forward.

The NFL season is a grind and sticking to the same formula all season is not the recipe for success. In fact, it is a recipe for failure. If the LA Chargers are going to reach their potential ceiling in 2021 then they are going to have to make certain changes to maximize the team.

This has nothing to do with trades, either. Adding players at a good price that would improve the team is obviously welcomed and we have covered the Chargers trade needs in detail.

These changes are internal tweaks that Brandon Staley (and Tom Telesco) must make.