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LA Chargers roster: Complete breakdown vs. Cleveland Browns roster

Las Vegas Raiders v LA Chargers
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Baker Mayfield
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Comparing the LA Chargers offense and Cleveland Browns offense:

Quarterback: Advantage, LA Chargers

Justin Herbert ranked higher than Baker Mayfield in our preseason quarterback rankings and he has only gotten higher on this list while Mayfield has arguably only gone down. It has not been a great start for Baker, who is dealing with a shoulder injury that might seriously impede his performance in Week 5.

Running back: Advantage, Cleveland Browns

Austin Ekeler is great and had his best game of the season in Week 4 against the Las Vegas Raiders. The problem is that the Browns have one of the few backs who is better than him in Nick Chubb as well as the best RB2 in the league in Kareem Hunt.

The Browns are one of, if not the, best running teams in the league. They obviously get the advantage here.

Wide receiver: Advantage, LA Chargers

On paper this might seem closer than some may think because Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry are big names but in reality, I would probably take both Keenan Allen and Mike Williams over both receivers that the Browns have.

Odell is coming off of an injury and has not really done much yet this season while Landry isn't even playing in this game as he is on the IR.

Tight end: Advantage, LA Chargers

After the big game that the tight ends had against the Raiders, I have to give the advantage to the Chargers. At their absolute best, you can definitely make a case for Austin Hooper, David Njoku and Harrison Bryant over the trio of Jared Cook, Donald Parham and Stephen Anderson.

That being said, the Browns' tight ends have not been at their absolute best while the Chargers are trending in the right direction.

Offensive line: Advantage, Cleveland Browns

The LA Chargers are definitely moving in the right direction with the offensive line but the Browns have one of the best offensive lines in both pass blocking and run blocking. If Bryan Bulaga was healthy and playing like Green Bay Bryan Bulaga it would be closer, albeit still probably go to the Browns.

With Storm Norton at right tackle it goes to the Browns without a doubt.