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LA Chargers: Ranking the remaining options at right tackle

By Tyler Gallagher
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4. Take the best Right Tackle available at 17

Last year, the Los Angeles Chargers went into the draft severely lacking at two positions - left tackle and cornerback. They let the draft fall to them, and it worked out beautifully.

The Chargers received a gift from the draft gods, and two players that were not expected to be available fell to the Chargers in Rashawn Slater and Asante Samuel Jr.

While that worked out in 2021, the Chargers greatly benefitted from great depth in the draft at their positions of need as well as poor drafting decisions by teams in front of them.

The Los Angeles Chargers cannot do that again in 2022 and assume that a good right tackle will fall to them in the draft.

According to most, there are three tackle prospects available that are worthy of a first-round draft pick. Those three are Evan Neal, Ikem Ekwonu, and Charles Cross.

The first two are likely to be picked in the top ten, if not the top five of the NFL draft. Charles Cross has recently fallen to the Chargers in a few mock draft, but most have him long gone by the time the Chargers are on the clock.

With a clear hole at right tackle, that would force the Chargers into taking one of the two next top prospects, Trevor Penning or Bernhard Raimann.

Both have fair potential to be average tackle starters at the NFL level, but both are not expected to be ready to perform well from day one. Penning has a heavy problem with penalties, and Raimann needs heavy work on technique, foot quickness, and balance.

Going this route would be accepting likely being forced into reaching to select a tackle at 17. That could be rationalized for an all-in team if that tackle looks like an acceptable, high-floor immediate starter. That player is very unlikely to be available.