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3 biggest regrets that hindered the LA Chargers 2021 season

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Chris Harris
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2. Keeping Chris Harris Jr. over Casey Hayward Jr.

Look. this is a complete, 1,000% hindsight regret. I am not here to tell you that this was a mistake all along and that the Chargers should have known better. We all knew one of the corners would be cut before the 2021 season and Hayward was the most logical player to be cut.

Hayward's play style does not really fit with Brandon Staley's offense whereas on paper, Harris' does. The Chargers did save a bit more money in cutting Hayward but they did not even use it, so it is hard to say that the extra small bit of cash made a difference to this team.

Sure, Hayward might not have been that great of a fit on paper but one thing is for certain: he would have been better than Chris Harris. Hayward had a really good bounce-back year with the Raiders and I know he was playing in a defense he was familiar with but he proved that he still had something left in the gas tank.

Harris was woeful. The Chargers really struggled with secondary depth all season and he did not make it any better as he was actively hurting the team when he was on the field. Even worse, Hayward went to the Raiders, helping in their push to the playoffs and even intercepting Justin Herbert in Week 18.

If Tom Telesco and co. could go back in time, they most likely would have decided to cut Harris and make Hayward work in any way capacity that they could. Because even a Hayward that would have been 75% of what he was for the Raiders this year would have been far better than what Harris was for the Chargers.